How will your club take care of me before and during the tour ?


The Sea-kayaking Club will make available to you the equipment which you need to carry out our tours in the Bay of Somme. We will attribute you a seat in an 6 or 12 places outrigger (or, if you are comfortable with kayaks, we will lend you a sea kayak), a paddle, and a life jacket.
The club  assures you that you will be supervised by a professional monitor who is very skilled and who knows the bay.

Moreover, our club allows you to meet other people who are passionate about watersport, and who will pay attention to your satisfaction.

The tour begins at 9:00 in the planning. At what time must I arrive at the club ?


The time-slot indicated in the planning includes :

  • the reception of our customers,
  • eventually the time for changing clothes,
  • take your paddle and life jacke,
  • get simple paddling instructions.

So, if our planning indicates "9:00", let's come at nine o'clock !

Club de Kayak de Mer et de Va'a de la Baie des Phoques


Base Nautique de Sport de Nature

Plage - 369, Quai Jeanne d'Arc


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