Between earth and sea...    (named "Fond de Baie" in the tours planning)
Duration : 70 minutes

Price per person :25€

You will travel to the area situated just beyond the Somme Bay. This area is know as "mollières" and is covered by vegetation. During this outing, you will have the opportuniy to see grey herons, litle egrets and some other birds as well as salt meadow sheeps.



Go to meet the flood     (named "A la rencontre du flot" in the tours planning)

Duration : 90 minutes
Price per person : 28 €

Let's discover the "mascaret" (a billow made by the rising tide). During the quiet return journey, you will probably meet seals that are numerous in the Somme Bay.  They use the current to fish, or move from one sand bank to another.



Marin safari     (named "Safari marine" in the tours planning)
Duration : approx. 2 hours 15 minutes
Price per person : 40€


You will paddle along the seashores in order to meet the seals relaxing on the sand banks. The atmosphere is unique ! Then, you will come back with the tide.


Go round the bay     (named "Tour de Baie" in the tours planning)
Duration : between 3 and 5 hours (depending on the tide level)
Price per person :50€

You will make a trip all around the bay to see seals, the vegetation of the Somme Bay, the varied species of birds... with a picnic break.

Half price for children aged under 12 years old.


For group discounts, please contact us :

Club de Kayak de Mer et de Va'a de la Baie des Phoques


Base Nautique de Sport de Nature

Plage - 369, Quai Jeanne d'Arc


Où Dormir en Baie de Somme...???

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